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Purchase Once

Purchase One Module Description

Using this module you can prevent customers to buy a product for second time. 

How Does It Work?

It works by checking the customer’s email address against those in orders that have been placed trough your website. If the product has been purchased previously, the customer will be prevented from adding it to their shopping cart.

If the customer places a product into their shopping cart while browsing your site as a guest, it will automatically be removed when they log in at the checkout, or use the same email address if checking out as a guest. The customer will be redirected to a page informing them which products have been removed.



  • Converted from 2.0.x.x module made by Fido-X.
  • Compatible with Default theme.


  • Go to Extensions–>Installer and browse the zip file
  • Go to System–>Users–>Users Group and click on select all for access/modifiy permisions then save.
  • Go to Extensions–>Modules to install and configure Purchase Once module


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